2008 Pending Family Law (Ky) Legislation

A bill based on the AAML Model Relocation Act is expected to be introduced in the House this week and quickly scheduled for a hearing in the Judiciary Committee. More on that as it happens. Meanwhile, these family law related bills have been filed:

HB 199 Would create a new section of KRS Chapter 403 to require that divorce, child custody, child support, and similar records not be released with information identifying the address, Social Security number, telephone number or similar information relating to a party to the proceeding; provide exemptions for public agencies and court-ordered disclosure of the information. Jan 8-introduced in House, Jan 10-to Judiciary (H)
UPDATE: still in house judiciary committee 3/24/08

SB 61 Would amend KRS 403.200, relating to spousal maintenance, to provide that, for good cause shown, the court may provide for payment of court-ordered maintenance by wage assignment, bank draft, or other automatic payment method. Jan 9-introduced in Senate , Jan 10-to Judiciary (S)
UPDATE: still in senate judiciary committee

HB 261 Would create a new section of KRS Chapter 403, relating to dissolution of marriage and child custody and support, to require a person who is obligated to pay child support to pay his or her proportional share of the child's reasonable funeral expenses; amend KRS 403.211 and 403.213 to conform. Jan 10-introduced in House, Jan 15-to Judiciary (H)
UPDATE: passed house , received in senate 3/17/08, in senate judiciary committee

SB 9/LM (BR 247) - Would create a new section of KRS Chapter 605, relating to juvenile proceedings, to require social service workers, child protective services workers, peace officers, and others interviewing a child alleged to be abused, needy, neglected, dependent, or delinquent to make a video or audio recording of the interview; specify to whom recordings of interviews are available; limit uses of recordings of interviews; provide for destruction of recordings when no longer needed. (Prefiled)
Oct 3-To: Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary, Jan 8-introduced in Senate; to Judiciary (S)

Finally, a bill was introduced by Rep. Darryl Owens on to require notice of right to legal counsel in certain child custody cases and specify when Cabinet for Health and Family Services must pay for counsel. However it is not HB 181 as reported by KentuckyVotes.org. I'll post the correct bill number and link when I find it.