AAML/LBA Ninth Annual Family Law Seminar

With a huge attendance, nearly standing room only, the Ninth Annual AAML/LBA seminar kicked off today in Louisville. In coming days and weeks we will report on the topics of interest and the news presented. Speakers were so very candid (some even asked first whether the seminar was being taped) that I feel compelled to obtain permission from some of the speakers to publish the commentary. I don't want to say anything in this blog that will diminish the frank and open and invaluable exchanges we have at this type event. Gil Feilbelman from Salem, Oregon also presented today and the national lineup tomorrow is stellar,with a number of speakers being tapped from the AAML Executive Committee whose meeting in Louisville coicides with our seminar. Add Laura Morgan (aka the "goddess') to the mix, and Friday's session should be over the top.