Ben Cowgill Booked for Kentucky AAML/LBA April seminar

Benjamin Cowgill, Lexington, Kentucky, is the former Chief Bar Counsel for the Kentucky Bar Association, where he was responsible for the investigation and prosecution of all disciplinary cases against members of the bar. He has also taught professional responsibility as an adjunct professor at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law. Since his return to private practice in 2003, he has counseled and represented lawyers in a wide variety of ethical matters and has served as an expert witness and given opinion testimony regarding conflicts of interest, alleged unethical conduct, the unauthorized practice of law, and legal negligence. We are delighted he will speak at the LBA/AAML seminar on April 19 on Top Ten Ethical Risks for Domestic Relations Practitioners.
Those familiar with the blawgosphere know Ben Cowgill's Legal Ethics Newsletter. His latest post, KBA moves Client Assistance Program into Office of Bar Counsel, is of interest to all Kentucky practitioners, but especially to domestic relations attorneys, because they are especially vulnerable to bar complaints. However, much of his site is highly relevant to those interested in legal ethics all over the U.S., in all practice areas. Ben also publishes SoloBlawg, about technology-leveraged solo practice.