From Across the Pond: Till Lawyers Do Us Part

The conversation across the pond is fascinating, as the UK considers cohabitants' rights upon dissolution. You'll enjoy the Leeds Today article which opens with a quote from a spouse in a 78 year marriage, "We rarely see eye to eye and we have an argument every day." It continues, "The proposed changes in law mark a significant shift in the way society now regards partnerships, family life and duty or responsibility to committed relationships. It reflects the fading to invisibility of that already blurred picture of the nuclear family, together whatever. Individual ambitions, changing minds, wish-lists and whims have well and truly overtaken vows made before God and public witness. It may not have arrived yet but the day when "Till death us do part" is no longer an option is now clearly visible on the horizon...which further baffles Frank and Anita Milford.
"If Anita doesn't face me when she's talking to me, I find it hard to hear her. If she's got the television on, I can't hear her at all! But that comes and goes, and we're always there for each other...." which is just as it should be.