An Alternative to FeedBlitz and RSS Feed

Don't like or understand RSS feeds? (icon at upper right) Don't like or want FeedBlitz (email subscription on upper right) for each blog to which you subscribe? I love RSS feeds, so I have no interest in monkeying with this, but The Simply Headlines sounds promising.
"SimplyHeadlines is a once a day email newspaper. You decide exactly what type of news you care about. You pick:
Where your headlines come from
How many there will be
At what time of day they will arrive
The order in which they will appear
And for the RSS enlightened, you can add any valid RSS feed to your daily paper. No software to install -it's basically an email RSS reader."
The only advantage I see over RSS for those who are comfortable with RSS is the ability to easily access your news from a Blackberry and presumably a Palm Treo or a Pocket PC.
Thanks to MicroPersuasion for the posting on this new subscription service, which is still in experimental stage, but up and running.