Amnesty For Delinquent Child Support Obligors in Columbus, Ohio

While at first blush granting amnesty to delinquent child support obligors is offensive, if it works for back taxes maybe it will aid collection when all else fails. Janet Jangjhar reports in the Florida Divorce Law Blog, "The state of Ohio bears the dubious distinction of child support arrearages of nearly $5 billion.
Ohio prisons confine over 600 felons convicted of nonsupport of children.
Over 200,000 Ohioans have had their driver’s licenses suspended for nonpayment of support.
What will Ohio dish out next?
In Columbus, amnesty … What’s more, it seems to be working better than punishment.
Parents who make a payment and agree to a repayment plan are regaining their driving privileges and making a much bigger dent in the statewide arrearages.
The pilot program is now being tested in other metropolitan areas throughout the state."