Assisted Reproductive Technology: A Lawyer's Guide to Emerging Law and Science

A unique new book from the ABA Section of Family Law --Here's their announcement:

Assisted Reproductive Technology:
A Lawyer's Guide to Emerging Law and Science

By Charles P. Kindregan, Jr. and Maureen McBrien

"Assisted Reproductive Technology" is an up-to-date summary of the emerging
legal issues and solutions in the continuing development of laws on assisted
reproductive technology. As more couples and single people are turning to
assisted reproduction technologies (ART), this book provides a timely and
thoughtful guide to assist lawyers in advising clients and handling the complex
legal aspects involved with these procedures.

The first comprehensive book to examine the legal issues involved in the
complicated and cutting-edge area of collaborative reproduction, "Assisted
Reproductive Technology" covers numerous court decisions while providing expert
analysis of evolving law. The book's scientific overview and analysis of
relevant statutes and cases are essential for attorneys advising and protecting
clients in assisted reproduction scenarios.

The legal issues of ART continue to evolve, and every state has different and
developing laws. Yet these are topics that family lawyers are dealing with
increasing frequency and practitioners need to provide solutions for their
clients. The authors of "Assisted Reproductive Technology" bring both academic
and family law practice perspectives to the book, crafting a clearly written,
easy-to-use, and comprehensive examination of numerous court decisions and
statutes in a single volume.

Among the topics covered are:
-- The right to privacy and ART
-- ART and the Uniform Parentage Act
-- Intrauterine insemination
-- In vitro fertilization
-- Cryopreserved embryos
-- Surrogacy
-- Divorce disputes arising from the use of ART
-- Government regulation of ART
-- Posthumous reproduction
-- Reproductive cloning
-- Standards of care, malpractice, and liability
-- ART contracts and documents

In addition to hundreds of citations, "Assisted Reproductive Technology"
contains selected further readings for each chapter, an invaluable glossary of
ART terminology, and index.

2006, 360 pages, 6 x 9, paper, ISBN: 1-59031-611-8