The Best Mediators are the Most Creative Mediators

Geoff Sharp at mediator blah...blah.... discusses decision trees in mediation and links to TreePlan®. This software builds a decision tree diagram within Excel. Now that’s what I would like to see a mediator show up with at a second or third mediation!

Diane Levin at Online Guide to Mediation hosts Blawg Review #94 this week on her site with the negotiating theme “getting to yes.” All lawyers must constantly hone negotiation skills. I was surprised to learn a fact known only to good mediators; it takes four hours of preparation for every hour of negotiation. Do that work early and you won’t be preparing for trial.

New Bar and Grill Singers have a video on Settle It Now Negotiation Blog by Victoria Pynchon, Appointed Forever, about federal court judges. Her stepson, Adam, is clerking for the 9th Circuit in Hawaii and his musical group in Austin, Texas not only entertains across the country, but has two CDs for sale on its website to benefit volunteer legal services for the indigent.

Russian Matryoshka dolls attracted me to a recent post by Dina Beach Lynch in Boston, Mediation Mensch. Those classic souvenir dolls are in my office as fond memories from a trip to St. Petersburg and Sandra Ragland sports a set of nesting dolls which resemble former presidents. From that post I learned of Laurie Israel, a mediator who originally assisted divorcing couples. Her interests in marriage, however, morphed to her current practice, mediation to stay married. This is a valuable service and niche that I would like to see spread.

And, on the light side, for those in horse country, horse nesting dolls are available.
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UPDATE: Update on today’s post from Sandra Ragland: When Shannon (her son) visited Ukraine last fall, he brought me a set of nesting dolls dramatically documenting the career, rise and fall, of Elvis Presley.