Blended Families

There is always much printed this time of year about the stress of the holidays. The December 11, 2006 Time Magazine article A Better House Blend is an interesting article on this theme. “Holidays can be complicated for any family, but when children, stepchildren and new spouses are involved, things can get really crazy.” The meat of the article is the research showing that it takes 4 to 7 years for a blended family to knit together. “Children under age 8 blend the fastest, and those between 9 and 11 the slowest, says Sandra Marcias, a professor at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto, CA.”
I was also fascinated to read that the Rosen Law Firm in Raleigh, NC has a life transition counselor on staff. We lawyers listen to our clients' angst but they get better for their dollars by talking with a mental health professional. As family law firms morph from solo or small firm practice to larger groups of family lawyers practicing together, I suspect we will see more movement toward interdisciplinary teams.