Cooperation and Collaboration Make For Happier Lawyers

"OK, Let's Tackle This Unhappy Lawyer Thing" is the title of a posting in the Settle It Now Negotiation Blog. "Look around your law firm. Are the transactional lawyers actually having more fun putting deals together than are the litigators tearing them apart? We might learn a thing or two from them. Take a tax adviser or mergers & aquisitions lawyer to lunch this week. Ask them what it feels like to marry Yahoo to AT&T. Maybe the joint venture being documented down the hallway is making someone's else's day a lot more pleasurable than that devastating line of cross-examination will make our own.

What does this mean for hard working litigators? That a creative settlement providing the geatest benefit for the greatest number will not only be good for our clients, it will make all of us, attorney and client alike, lots, lots happier. And happy clients are the clients we retain."