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Cox v. Cox, 170 SW3d 389 (Ky., 2005)

Cox v. Cox, 170 SW3d 389 (Ky., 2005)
Where Texas lacked minimum contacts with the husband
and, therefore, lacked jurisdiction to impose a lien on
property in Kentucky, its judgment regarding the lien was
not entitled to full force and credit and was not a "foreign
judgment" under the UEFJA.

Dobson v. Dobson, 159 SW3d 335 (Ky.App., 2004)

Dobson v. Dobson, 159 SW3d 335 (Ky.App., 2004)
Spouse granted innocent spouse relief by the IRS is
not entitled to res judicata and trial court assignment
of tax deficiency 40% to innocent spouse was upheld.
Tax audit has uncovered a tax deficiency, but trial court
reasoned that the parties benefited from the lower tax burden
and innocent spouse was later required to pay the share of
taxes for which she would have been responsible had the
deductions not been disallowed.

Goff v. Goff, 172 SW3d 352(Ky.,2005)

Goff v. Goff, 172 SW3d 352 (Ky., 2005)
Applying the UCCJA, Kentucky had subject matter jurisdiction
to enter the initial custody decree, but was without continuing
jurisdiction to modify it because Tennessee was unquestionably
the home state of the child.

Parties were married in Tennessee (June 1996) and purchased a home in Nashville. Less than a month after the wedding, Mr. Goff filed a petition for annulment in Warren County, Kentucky, where he had moved. Wife remained in Tennessee.


Now that we are a bit public, it seems appropriate to talk about the scholarship of legal blogs. In a posting on 3L Epiphany a U.S. District Court Judge is interviewed about his use of blogs as secondary authority. We found it today from a Dennis Kennedy posting on Corante. and then saw it all over the blawg world with the most notable comment being "the future will belong to the flexible."

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Michael Stevens was very kind to announce the presence of this blog in his KentuckyLawBlog today. The good news is you're reading it. The bad news is that you will see the learning curve in progress as we improve it.

Allen v. Devine, 178 SW3d 517 (Ky.App., 2005)

Allen v. Devine, 178 SW3d 517 (Ky.App., 2005)
Once a finding is made that persons are de facto custodians,
they then are on equal footing and court must then determine
best interest. Blood relationship is but one of many factors for
the trial court to consider.

Crossfield v. Crossfield, 155 SW3d 743 (Ky.App., 2005)

Crossfield v. Crossfield, 155 SW3d 743 (Ky.App., 2005)
Change of residential parent within two years of custody decree
requires supporting affidavits and finding of endangerment or
placement with de facto custodian.

Gullion v. Gullion, 163 SW3d 888(Ky.,2005)

Gullion v. Gullion, 163 SW3d 888 (Ky., 2005)
Affidavits are not required for CR 59 motions. Upon remand
the trial court is directed to consider only evidence in existence
at the time of trial. A custody modification cannot be requested
until there is a final custody order to modify.

The Finest Family Law Blog To Date

The Family Law Professor's Blog, edited by Robert E. Oliphant, Nancy Ver Steegh, and Barbara Glesnor Fines is a great resource and service to those of us who love this area of the law. There's also a link on our "Other Family Law Blogs." Check them out, and subscribe to the RSS feed for your up-to-the-minute national family law news.

High Conflict Parenting

Joe H. Brown, PhD, Professor, University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work and Director of the Families in Transition Program announced at the AAML/LBA seminar a new program funded with a sizeable grant from The Bureau of Justice Administration. The goals of the program include helping high conflict divorced parents create parenting plans and to reduce repeated litigation over parenting issues.

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