Divorce Law Journal and Workplace Prof Blog Review

Online Guide to Mediation is saying the nicest things about us. " I’ve described this excellent blog as one which offers "lucidly written, intelligent analysis" of legal issues, and I stand by that. This blog consistently delivers the goods. Although its Louisville-based author Diana Skaggs tracks Kentucky divorce and family law, her blog has a nation-wide scope, staying abreast of developments in these practice areas across the U.S. For American mediators who work closely with divorcing couples and families, this blog, published by a mediation-friendly attorney, is a must-read stop on the web."

The article was an update to its World Directory of Dispute Resolution Blogs, and included another Kentucky Blog, Workplace Prof Blog. "A member of the Law Professor Blogs Network and co-authored by law professors Richard Bales and Paul Secunda, this highly respected blog tracks and reports on developments in labor and employment law, including matters relating to alternative dispute resolution and the workplace, particularly arbitration. "