Divorce Planning Tip - Securing Communications

From Shannon Cavers at Houston, Texas Divorce and Family Law Attorney Blog:

An important question I ask of all clients is whether they have a secure e-mail address and a "safe place" to receive mail from my office. When spouses are in the beginning phases of the divorce process, accidentally alerting the other spouse to divorce plans can have a negative impact ranging from tipping one's hand early too early or up to and including domestic violence in extreme cases.

If you plan to correspond with your attorney via e-mail, make absolutely sure that your spouse cannot access your e-mail account. You might consider changing your password or opening a new e-mail account.

In terms of "snail mail," you might consider renting a PO Box through a United States Post Office location or a private company such as the UPS Store, or Mailboxes, etc. This is an inexpensive way to make sure your confidential communications with your attorney are not compromised.

May I add dialing *67 before the phone number when the lawyer or staff member returns the call of a prospective client?