Equal Parenting Law

Australia's new national revamping of its family child custody and support law is garnering international attention. "As sweeping changes to Australia's family law system take effect today, putting new emphasis on children spending equal time with parents after separation, research shows some children can be seriously harmed by 50:50 arrangements." Sydney Morning Herald.
From ABC News Online, "A family law expert says changes to federal laws which come into effect today will have a major impact on the way parents deal with their children after separation. The changes will allow courts to order that children spend equal time with both parents or "substantial and significant time" with the non-custodial parent. Associate Professor Tom Altobelli, from the University of Western Sydney, says this m>.

is likely to mean children will have a better chance to know both parents. Associate Professor Altobelli says the new laws also include major changes to the way the courts handle cases involving children. The process is going to be less adversarial, more focused on children, he said.We're all trusting more informal and less expensive for families as well. But Associate Professor Altobelli also says the changes could lead to unrealistic expectations. For example, these amendments talk about the concept of equal time between parents, he said. The problem with equal time is that it isn't reasonably practicable for most Australian families."

The Age.com reports, however New Law Agony for Divorced Fathers:
"Family lawyer Stephen Winspear has already taken dozens of calls from fathers who think the changes will lead to joint custody. "There's quite a strong perception that it's going to be 50-50; it's very misleading," he said. "All the publicity is about sharing but in fact the actual presumption is equal shared parental responsibility and the emphasis is on responsibility, which doesn't say anything about time."
From the Courier Mail, New Family Law Unfair