Evaluative Mediation

single issue monetized shuttle no intake lawyer controlled mediation is the title of a post by Victoria Pynchon at Settle It Now Negotiation Blog. It links to Representing Clients Effectively in Negotiation, Conciliation and Mediation in Family Property Disputes by Prof. John Wade. This article isn't news. It was published in 2004, but I was struck by this passage:

Mediation and conciliation are forms of “assisted decision-making” (ADM) or “assisted negotiation” (AN). There are many types of mediation and conciliation. The four most commonly documented being settlement, problem-solving, therapeutic and evaluative. There are of course many other hybrids and cousins including narrative, restorative, humanistic, mindful, intentional, forgiveness, and transformative mediation. One common form of the evaluative type is SIMSNILC mediation (Single Issue Monetised Shuttle No Intake Lawyer Controlled” mediation).
Many lawyers in Australia attend mediations and conciliations weekly, but know only one or two “types”, particularly the comfortable SIMSNILC model prevalent in personal injuries disputes. This limited exposure leads to professional mistakes. Clearly, different clients need different services. It is a responsibility of lawyers to attend different types of mediations and conciliations, increase their stable of service providers, and then to match mediation or conciliation type to client problem.

I am becoming convinced that we have much to learn in this area. Keeping up with Settle It Now Negotiation Blog is a great way to start.