Family Relationship Centers

From The Age in Australia: "The first 14 Family Relationship Centres are opening around Australia, signalling the start of what the federal government hopes will be a landmark shift in family law.The government is establishing dozens of the centres across Australia in an attempt to resolve divorce and custody disputes before they reach court.Acting Attorney-General Chris Ellison said the centres could offer information to families no matter what the status of their relationships.The (centres) are the cornerstone of the Australian government's new family law system, Senator Ellison said in a statement. The changes to the law, supported by these new family relationship services, are part of a new system of co-operation, and we are hoping it will lead to a change in the culture of family law. I welcome the opening, on time, of all centres today as a turning point for Australian families who need assistance with relationships."
The world will be closely watching this sweeping change in family law. With domestic relations law being the province of states rather than the federal government in the United States, such massive national change is difficult to forseee here. Yet, courts are not an ideal place to dump relationship problems. Time will tell if Australia has found the solution.