Father's Rights

The summer 2006 Family Law Quarterly, Vol. 40, No. 2, released last week, Symposium of Fathers and Family Law, is a must have volume for family law practitioners. $20 plus $3.95 postage will buy you a copy from ABA Service Center, 321 N. Clark St., Chicago, Il 60610.
Thwarted Fathers or Pop-Up-Pops?: How to Determine When Putative Fathers Can Block the Adoption of Their Newborn Children, by Laura Oren must be on your bookshelf, because these cases require urgent advice. Her scholarly article is up-to-date and full of history and authority. She cautions that her thesis presupposes that the United States Supreme Court is highly unlikely to change its position that marriage makes a constitutional difference to parentage.
Recidivism and Paternal Engagement by Solangel Maldonado argues that children benefit when incarcerated fathers are involved in their lives and suggests ways to foster such involvement including imposing parental responsibility upon incarcerated fathers who want visitation.
Sound Research of Wishful Thinking in Child Custody Cases? Lessons from Relocation Law by Carol S. Bruch dissects and critiques much of the research advanced by father's advocacy groups as not standing up to peer-reviewed scientific standards; a must have article for your next Daubert challenge.
Other articles include Framing Contests in Child Custody Disputes by Michele A. Adams, Fathers and Their Children: Legal and Psychological Issues of Joint Custody by Cynthia C. Siebel, Fathers, Gender Conflict, and Family Law: A Multidisciplinary Perspective by Doborah L. Forman, and Family Law and the Indissolubility of Parenthood by Patrick Parkinson.