Fifty Ways NOT To Leave Your Lover, And If That Doesn't Work, Good Mental Health Tips

J. Benjamin Stevens at South Carolina Family Law Blog posts today the last of a weekly five-part series, 50 Ways Not To Leave Your Lover, written by Dr. Trey Kuhne a pastoral counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist with Pathways Pastoral Counseling in Spartanburg, SC. In the final post, he links to the first four.
Ben often writes about mental health issues in marriage and divorce. Some of his other recent posts are Talking to Kids About Domestic Violence, An Emotional Survival Guide For Teens, Part One and Part Two, Effect of Divorce on Mental Health of Children, Children Need Their Grandparents After Divorce, and At What Age Can a Child Hear Details of Your Divorce.
Although South Carolina based, most of his posts are worthwhile reading for professionals everywhere who deal with families and children.