Gary Lowen Calls Another "You Piss Me Off" Dinner

It's time for another "You Piss Me Off Dinner." It will be November 14, 2006 at Austin's, near Holiday Manor, Louisville, KY 5-8 pm. As usual, Gary Lowen has solicited a number of attorneys to pay for the dinner and there will be a cash bar. It is always a lot of fun.
Gary Lowen has done more than any other Louisville attorney I know to improve the collegiality of family lawyers. For 15 years he has welcomed all who will travel with him to Mississippi the first weekend of October, to listen to great blues (and experience the civil rights sites), with the larger aim of creating a community among the lawyers. Then, as he thinks we need them, he organizes these "You Piss Me Off" dinners. Originally they were a venue to lay it out to offenders why spending thousands of dollars of client money to prove $200 in additional monthly income which only translates to a 12cent increase in monthly child support is just stupid. Some just have to be told!
As we reported previously, these dinners have turned into lighter affairs and less confrontation actually takes place these days. Yet, I'm sure Gary is thinking about how to remedy that. They are great fun if we are taking others to task, and they are also fun if we are nurturing or establishing friendships.
The LBA has issued a call for nominations for its annual awards, and I urge you to join me in nominating Gary for the Benjamin Shobe Professionalism award for 2006. Nominations may be sent to Kimberly K. Farmer, LBA Executive Director at
P.S. Gary Lowen not only lacks a website, but he has no email address and is proud of it. But, he does answer his phone calls!