Gaskill v. Robbins: Discretionary Review Sought

Shannon Pratt must be clicking his heals. We published some of the business valuation guru's comments at Kentucky Has Opportunity To Join The Majority, reported on the case at The Child Custody Issue Needs To Be Remanded For A New Trial But it Would Be A Great Case For Discretionary Review On The Goodwill Issue: What Will Retired Justice James E. Keller Do? and digested it here. The Kentucky Supreme Court has already accepted discretionary review in a case that is not nearly so well briefed and factually ripe. This case would make a nice duo.

Although retired Justice James Keller told us he would be filing a motion for discretionary review, the March 16, 2007 filing did not appear on the Kentucky Court of Justice website until Friday. If you are counting on that site to know if a case is final so the "to be published" case can be cited, know that it is a little slow and you'll have to continue to do it the old fashioned way by picking up the telephone and calling the clerk.