John Walsh, Co-Founder and CEO of Morton Center to Retire

John Walsh, CEO of the Morton Center, an alcohol treatment center in Louisville,KY will retire next year. John co-founded the Morton Center in 1984. Over the years he became an indispensable resource to family law practitioners. If substance abuse was a concern for a child's safety, we could always count on John to objectively assess and make neutral recommendations. As often as not, he did not find an endangerment or even an addiction issue. When he found a serious problem that could endanger children, he always had a plan. Those who entered treatment under his direction were held strictly but compassionately accountable.
This level of trust and respect should make anyone happy with his life's accomplishments, but those feats are only the ones touching family lawyers and are the tip of the iceberg.
John has been a very active member of the Kentucky Family Law Network, Inc, the Louisville interdisciplinary collaborative law group.
How on earth does a community replace a guy like this? Knowing John, he has no doubt mentored well and has a plan in place.