Kentucky Family Law: The Rest of 2006

Tomorrow you will find a blitz of recent Kentucky family law cases posted that have not previously been digested on this site. This does not indicate a shift in editorial policy to publish summaries and links only when a case is final unless newsworthy or tickles our fancy. The cases had to be digested anyway for the 2007 update to Kentucky Divorce (West/Thomson) and for the 16th annual Domestic Relations Update seminar with Hon. Richard A Revell at the Louisville Bar Association, so we might as well share. Don't get used to it though. Michael Stevens does an excellent job at KyCases of posting Court of Appeals and Supreme Court minutes which highlights all cases hot off the press, even "not to be published" cases with follow up summaries of the published cases soon. A lot can happen between the initial decision and finality. It is simply too time consuming to post a draft and then follow for finality on an ongoing basis. We will continue to post new law as it becomes law. Meanwhile, enjoy an end of the year wrap-up here. This will mark two years of all published family Kentucky cases archived on this site, even though the site has only been up a little less than one year. Maybe next year will be easier!