LawReader Posts Quick Digests of Kentucky Cases

LawReader is now posting Kentucky Court of Appeals and Supreme Court decisions and a synopsis within hours of release. You must subscribe to access the full opinion and a complete digest, but the price is reasonable, especially in view of the numerous legal research tools it offers. Accessing the unpublished cases will likely become important if our Civil Rules are amended, as expected, to permit reference to them not as precedent, but for persuasion. Mike Stevens' site, Kentucky Cases, still has the fast, free posting of all the decisions online and summaries are posted soon. We intend to keep posting all Kentucky family law cases and a digest after they become final so our database is more useful to us in practice. Hopefully it will become useful to you, too. If you are interested in all Kentucky decisions, hot off the press, now you know where to find them.
In the nature of news, however, here are the family law cases released today, as posted on the LawReader blog:

" Court did not err in ordering spouse to compensate ex-wife for share of retirement benefits based on[QDRO]” assets pursuant to property settlement agreement."

"The family court erred by awarding the certificate of deposit to Justin instead of finding it to be a marital asset and dividing it in just proportions."

" Any agreement (regarding child support) which affects the best interest of a child is always subject to the approval of the court having proper jurisdiction of the parties."