More On Changes Adopted And Not Adopted To Kentucky Rule Of Civil Procedure

In May, 2006 when we posted some of the proposed civil rules changes, we tracked the changes so you could see what was added and/or deleted from the proposed rule. The changes were not hightlighted when finalized and published in the Bench and Bar, so we thought it might be helpful to repost so you could see what's new. In doing so we noticed several proposed rules changes that were not adopted, so now is a good time to highlight that as well. There are several other rules changes that do not relate just to family law, such as the record on appeal, briefs, and filing fees. The Kentucky Law Blog posted a link to the online source, so go there to look at them.
These rule changes were adopted as proposed:
Proposed Civil Rule Change: Where to File Family Court Appeal
Proposed Change in Civil Rule for Citation of Unpublished Decisions

Not adopted:

Proposed Civil Rule Change: Personal Data Identifiers
Proposed Civil Rule Change: Accelerating Appeals of Paternity, Dependency, Abuse, Neglect, Domestic Violence and Juvenile Status Offense