More On Stepparent-like Adoption

CLE: "Representing the Gay Client In Kentucky" Seminar Sponsored by Fayette County Bar Association, ACLU of Ky, and JustFund KY Education Project for Sept. 20, 2008. Details at Kentucky Law Review. Wonder what case they are going to be speaking about?

An editorial in this morning's Courier-Journal, Homophobia's victims is online here.

An AP report published in the Lexington Herald-Leader is here. It references step-parent like adoption in Indiana, which Marcia Oddi already posted about, of course, in her post at Indiana Law Blog Kentucky appeals court rejects adoption by lesbian couple.

Meanwhile, what about those missing court documents? Their omission from the file has nothing to do with the outcome of the case, but it certainly was unfortunate fodder to the lambaste of the lawyers. Hopefully there will be follow-up to get to the bottom of that.

Meanwhile, I continue to believe the law could have evolved to envelop the claims raised in this case without legislative action. I am mulling over a paper written by Naomi Cahn of George Washington University - Law School and June Carbone of the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law, Red Families v. Blue Families available at ssrn which I found through the Family Law Prof blog post Red State/ Blue State Conference. A quote from the abstract:
Finally, the article concludes that differences between red family and blue family systems are not frozen in place, but in transition, albeit at different speeds, from an older traditional (or red state) model to a newer system likely to reflect the blue states' later age of family formation. Family courts, whether they wish to be or not, are on the front lines of the culture wars. The legitimacy of their role depends on judicial ability to guide, diffuse, and manage cultural conflict, a role which is increasingly threatened by the partisan identification of cultural conflict.