New Jersey Same Sex Marriage

What concerned me when I read the news stories about the New Jersey same-sex marriage case was that it was a 4-3 decision. I was worried that the court was so split on the rights due gay partners, that any change in balance of the composition of government would easily upend the decision. I am pleased to report that my angst was misplaced. Here's the decision, Mark Lewis and Dennis Winslow, et al. v. Gwendolyn L. Harris We have posted on many same-sex issues on this blog (check categories for all), but our most in-depth one is here.
The Family Law Blog reports, "New Jersey's highest court on Wednesday guaranteed gay couples the same rights as married heterosexuals, but left it up to state lawmakers to decide if such unions can be called marriage. "Times and attitudes have changed," the New Jersey Supreme Court said in a nuanced 90-page ruling certain to fuel America's culture wars ahead of November 7 elections, when eight states will vote on same-sex marriage laws. Advocates on both sides declared varying degrees of victory and disappointment on the latest twist in a battle that has divided the country over issues of gay culture and morality."