NPR Spotlights Relocation Case (with oral argument) before MA Supreme Court

Tovia Smith, on yesterday's NPR Legal Affairs, reported on the relocation case of Mason v. Coleman, which is pending before the MA Supreme Court. The online version has the oral arguments posted, linked to Suffolk University Law School.
Some comments:
1. I don't know how long the online link will remain "live", so if you are interested, click while the clicking is good.
2. Wonder if Kentucky had had such national exposure before the sorry decision of Fenwick was rendered, whether the result would have been different?
3. When will we ever get easy access to oral arguments and court of appeals briefs? Supreme court briefs before the decision is rendered would be nice, too.
4. The web posting of the NPR article links to Laura Morgan's state-by-state status of the law at her Family Law Consulting site.