Oral Arguments And Briefs In Two KY Relocation Cases

Kentucky Court Report has collated and posted the following which includes links to briefs in which oral arguments are set December 13, 2007 before the Kentucky Supreme Court in two relocation cases:

9:00 a.m. FRANCES V. FRANCES (2007-SC-76-DGE)
"Child Custody. Issues in this marriage dissolution proceeding relate to the trial court's award of primary physical custody of the child to the father, and the effect of the mother's relocation out-of-state on the determination of the child's best interest."
Discretionary review granted 3/14/2007
Trigg Circuit Court, Judge Bill Cunningham
For Movant: Julia T. Crenshaw
For Respondent: Sands Morris Chewning
(Note: Justice Cunningham is recused)

Appellant’s Brief
Appellee’s Brief
Appellant’s Reply Brief
COA Decision: 2005CA002235

10:00 a.m. PENNINGTON V. MARCUM, F/K/A MILES (2006-SC-642-DG)
"Child Custody. Issues relate to the denial of a motion to modify a custody agreement based upon the residential custodian's relocation out of state with the child."
Discretionary review granted 1/18/2007
Boyd Circuit Court, Judge Marc I. Rosen
For Movant: Rhonda M. Copley
For Respondent: Martha A. Rosenberg
(Note: Justice Minton is recused)


Appellant's Brief
Appellee's Brief
Appellant’s Reply Brief
COA Decision: 2005CA002349

Here's the link where the oral arguments will be online.