Proposed Civil Rule Change: Where to File Family Court Appeal

Where to file an appeal has frustrated many taking an appeal from Family Court. It you know which courts are established pursuant to Ky. Const. section 110 (5) (b) and section 112 (6), this proposed rule change will clear everything up:

CR 73.01 (2): All appeals shall be taken to the next higher court by filing a notice of appeal in the court from which the appeal is taken. Appeals from family courts that are established pursuant to Ky. Const. Section 110(5)(b) or Ky. Const. Section 112(6) shall be taken to the Court of Appeals. After such filing...

Last month we digested Thorn v. Commonwealth and Sirley Robinson.

So you have it right at hand, here are the sections of the Kentucky Constitution mentioned at the outset:
Section 110 (5) (b) The Chief Justice of the Commonwealth shall be the executive head of the Court of Justice and he shall appoint such administrative assistants as he deems necessary. He shall assign temporarily any justice or judge of the Commonwealth, active or retired, to sit in any court other than the Supreme Court when he deems such assignment necessary for the prompt disposition of causes. The Chief Justice shall submit the budget for the Court of Justice and perform all other necessary administrative functions relating to the court.

Section 112 (6) The Supreme Court may designate one or more divisions of Circuit Court within a judicial circuit as a family court division. A Circuit Court division so designated shall retain the general jurisdiction of the Circuit Court and shall have additional jurisdiction as may be provided by the General Assembly.

Comment: This is not how the rule came out of the Civil Rules Committee of the Supreme Court. Adding Section 110 (5)(b) adds nothing. Rather than refer to Section 112(6) it would be better to spell it out.