Protecting Client Confidences and Public Speaking from Dennis Kennedy

Dennis Kennedy writes one of the most helpful law practice management blogs. He has a nice posting up about protecting client confidences, and another this week on public speaking. "1. Know your stuff, 2.Focus on what's really important, really novel or really interesting, and 3. Only speak on subjects you care about to audiences you care about. Number 3 is the most important. As important as knowledge and focus are, passion is even more important. I've seen nervous, tongue-tied speakers muddle through presentations extraordinarily well simply because they obviously felt very strongly and deeply about what they were saying -- so the audience made allowances. When people sense that you really care about and believe in something passionately, and want to convey that passion to them, they will go out of their way to pay attention."
Dennis was quoting from Dave Pollard's post on the ambitiously titled How To Save The World blog. While at first blush it appears to be a tree hugging site, there are well written articles from business to philosophy. There are so many wonderful blogs out there!