Published Cases

Michael Stevens'  KentuckyLawBlog, KyCases, and LouisvilleLawWire have been of enormous help to the bar, providing a much needed  (and free!) service of publicizing appellate opinions. We all owe him a big thanks. This blog will not duplicate his efforts. We are working on a grouping of published family law cases which we will keep updated as the opinions become final. For example, the Kentucky Court of Appeals has rendered two important family law opinions within the year, neither of which are yet final. On March 15, 2006 the Kentucky Supreme Court granted discretionary review of Gripshover v. Gripshover, 2005WL1993603 and a motion for rehearing is pending in Smith v. Smith, 2006WL140577. What we hope to provide is an up-to-date listing of published family law cases that are final with SW3d cites. We hope to post the list covering about 16 months by mid-April and will keep it updated from then on.