Rights of Unmarried Father To Child Placed For Adoption

Janet Janghahr's Florida Divorce Law Blog: reports: "An adoption agency notified a biological father that his baby was going to be adopted.
That was how the biological father allegedly first learned of the child’s existence.
By that time, the baby was two months old and had been living since he was three days old with the family that planned to adopt him.
Upon learning of the boy, the father sought custody of his son.
But the New Mexico trial court terminated his parental rights on the grounds that he had abandoned the baby and his mother, freeing the baby up to be adopted.
On appeal, the ruling was reversed and the father’s parental rights restored.
The case was remanded for a custody determination, but appeals are on the way."
Kentucky needs an overhaul of its legislation in this area. A potential father's registry would be a start.
Here's a related article from the New Mexican.
Yet, Jeanne Hannah of Updates in Michigan Family Law posted good analysis of the issue yesterday,Why We Need a Federal Putative Father Registry, persuasively arguing that even state registries are not adequate and that a federal law is needed.