Son of Collaborative Family Law Financial Neutral Sues To Be Named Next-Of-Kin

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports, "Matthew Snoddy, the oldest son of Comair Flight 5191 victim Tim Snoddy, filed a lawsuit in Fayette Circuit Court on Tuesday to determine who should be named next of kin -- Matthew Snoddy or his father’s estranged wife, Connie Elise Buckley.
Snoddy also filed a motion for a temporary restraining order to stop Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn from releasing his father’s body to Buckley, restrain Buckley from making funeral and/or memorial arrangements, prevent Buckley from receiving any type of a settlement of any value related to his father’s death, and direct that the body be released to Snoddy as next of kin so he and his siblings can make arrangements for funeral and/or memorial services.
Fayette Circuit Judge Sheila Isaac granted Snoddy’s request for a temporary restraining order on Tuesday."
What a shame court intervention was required. Tim was a financial professional member of KCFN, Inc., the Louisville area collaborative law panel. The article mentions that he had filed for divorce a few days before his death in the crash.