Stretch, Just A Little

Watch with me as the Pacific Rim mediation conference unfolds in New Zealand NEXT September. I am no talent scout, but I have to say I am very impressed with Geoff Sharp's mediation thinking and passion. I am tempted to lightly pencil it in the book, far flung as it may seem. Here's the trailer from Mediator Blah Blah:
"Where The Bloody Hell Are You?
Advance Notice - fill in that whitespace for September '07 (get outta here! no one believes you're booked up already)
The Pacific Rim's most important gathering of mediators will take place in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand September 19th - 21st 2007.
It's LEADR's 10th Mediation Conference and it's the main event for us Australasian (= New Zealand & Australia) mediators.
We'll have a MediationTech/into the future stream, a Government/Public Sector track and plenty more.
We'll meet with you at our iconic National Museum, Te Papa, overlooking the Wellington harbour.
More information when LEADR's got a conference site up.
Come see us, talk with us - we've poured you a beer."
How can you not love this guy? Mediation is a process used world wide. As our cultures mesh and as technology makes all the world's people so near, seems to me a regional meeting anywhere in the world where good thinking is going on is a viable continuing education possibility.