Unfortunate Supreme Court Innuendo

Andy Wolfson reports in today's Courier Journal that three justices may retire before the expiration of their terms this year, permitting Gov. Fletcher to appoint replacements. I have been a long term critic of subjecting our judges to the elective process. Mr. Wolfson didn't emplasize the fact that Gov. FLetcher's appointees will be limited to the names vetted and recommeded by the Judicial Nominating Commission. Nevertheless the innuendo that politics is invading our Supreme Court is disconcerting, particularly considering the political nature of several pending cases. For example, he cites the fact that a same sex custody case is pending, which was previously posted on this blog. To preserve the integrity and respect of our highest court, it would be best for these cases not to be rushed to decision, and to let them be decided by the newly reconstituted court after the newly elected members take office.