Winter Coats Needed; Baby Blankets, Too

Kentucky Jefferson Circuit Court Family Division Judge Patricia Walker FitzGerald's request for donations of winter coats was publicized in David Hawpe's column in the Courier-Journal today.

In this frigid weather, the Jefferson Family Courts have women coming to the courthouse for domestic violence protective orders and bringing children who are not dressed for the cold. Little kids are coming in without appropriate shoes, coats, hats or gloves. Often the victims have to leave their homes quickly, with no time to collect any clothing or other necessities.

The court staff try to keep a supply of coats there so that they don't have to send the kids back out the way they came in, but our supplies are depleted. If you live in the Louisville area and have any extras, or know of folks who might, please consider donating your discarded children's winter outer garments.

In response to an email asking where to deliver donations, Judge FitzGerald wrote "Clothing can be taken to the family court clerks' office. Would you add baby blankets to your list? I left them off and we need them desperately."