The Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet was presented by Carole A. Levitt and Mark E. Rosch, authors of a book by the same title, at the Louisville Bar Association last week. Their website,, has a number of online articles and has an email update. Even though the duo gave a similar seminar in Louisville in 2004, this one drew a nice crowd. The book came with the seminar, and it looks like a valuable law office resource.
Most of us must think we are proficient at using Google. There are many rich features of Google that I had not tapped, however: "I'm Feeling Lucky", "Search Within Results", "Google Toolbar", "Google Desktop" and using advanced search tips to access email discussion groups and listserves as well as to limit searches to powerpoint presentations and .pdf documents. The book addresses these as well as public records available online, composing better search phrases, finding experts, substantive legal research, government internet resources, and, of course, blawgs.
Update: If you are on a network, check with your network administrator before installing Google desktop. It was very nice, but my computer slowed to a crawl. I'll try again, but with some expert help.