KY 2007 Family Law Legislation Introduced

Here are the family law related bills or those that could impact family law that have been introduced to date, thanks to Kentucky
Senate Bill 140 (Establish list of absent fathers; create bureaucracy and fees):
Introduced by Sen. Richard L. Roeding on February 8, 2007, to establish a
voluntary acknowledgment-of-paternity registry.
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House Bill 368 (Change interest rates on certain judgments):
Introduced by Rep. Joseph M Fischer on February 8, 2007, to change the interest
rate provided for in certain judgments.
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House Bill 369 (Change minimum monthly child support obligation):
Introduced by Rep. Rick Nelson on February 8, 2007, to increase the minimum
monthly child support obligation to $100.
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House Bill 382 (Collection of spousal maintenance):
Introduced by Rep. Ron Crimm on February 8, 2007, to permit a court to provide
for wage attachment and automatic electronic transfer of funds for payment of
spousal maintenance.
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Senate Bill 147 (Child protection training for judges):
Introduced by Sen. Julie Denton on February 9, 2007, to increase training
requirements of Circuit and District judges to include certain child protection
and custody issues.
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House Bill 396 (Domestic violence protective orders extended to dating
Introduced by Rep. Joni L Jenkins on February 9, 2007, to include dating
partners among the class of persons allowed to obtain domestic violence
protective orders.
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We previously reported on the covenant marriage proposal here.
It is now HB 110 and may be followed here.

Senate Bill 141 (State pays for counsel in certain custody cases):
Introduced by Sen. Julie Denton on February 8, 2007, to require separate counsel
for an indigent parent who does not exercise custodial control of the child in a
proceeding for adoption without parental consent .
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A press release from Kentucky State Government states legislation has been introduced adopting the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Adoption, including:
• Require training for judges, guardians ad litem (GAL) and court-appointed counsel associated with child welfare cases.
• Require that the court appoint a GAL or an attorney before a temporary removal hearing (rather than after the hearing) so children are not removed from home without legal cause.
• Increase fee limits for GALs and court-appointed counsel.
A post and comment at Bluegrass indicates that that although the actual bill does not do this, an amendment is expected. The Kentucky Law Review has an updated post on this issue, too

The Kentucky Law Review also has a nice round-up of other legislation here and here.