More Family Law Bills (KY) Introduced

HB 161, would amend KRS 403.720 to include dating partners among the class of persons allowed to obtain domestic violence protective orders; amend KRS 431.005 to reference the definition of "unmarried couple" in KRS 403.720.
Jan 8-introduced in House , Jan 11-to Judiciary (H)
UPDATE: still in house judiciary committee 3/24/08

HB 32 would amend KRS 403.200 to permit a court to provide for wage attachment and automatic electronic transfer of funds for payment of spousal maintenance; amend KRS 403.270 to add healthy environment for child as a factor for the consideration of awarding custody of children; amend KRS 530.050 to add ex-spouse; Oct 3-To: Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary, Jan 8-introduced in House; to Judiciary (H)
UPDATE: still in house judiciary comittee 3/24/08

HB 196 would amend KRS 403.213, relating to child support and the effects of emancipation of the child, to require continued payment of child support while the child is a high school student, regardless of the child's age. Jan 8-introduced in House , Jan 10-to Judiciary (H)
UPDATE: posted for passage in house 3/11/08

HB 197, would repeal KRS 402.090, Soliciting persons to be married by particular person; sharing remuneration; solicitation by minister or justice of the peace. Amend KRS 402.990 to conform. This statute defines penalty for marriages violating 402.010, persons who marry who are closer than 2nd cousins, and penalties for other acts such as aiding and abetting the marriage of those adjudged mentally disabled.
Jan 8-introduced in House, Jan 11-to Judiciary (H)
UPDATE: passed house with one amendment, received in senate 3/20/08

SB 74 Would amend KRS 403.725, relating to issuance of domestic violence orders, to specify that if the petition is filed in a county other than the county of usual residence, then the petition shall also include the name of the county of usual residence; provide that when an emergency protective order is issued other than in the county in which there is a pending domestic relations action, that the action be transferred to the county in which the domestic relations action was filed for a full hearing; amend KRS 403.765, relating to certification of domestic violence orders, to provide that either party to an existing domestic violence order may apply to have the case transferred to the court in which an action under KRS Chapter 403 is pending.
Jan 10-introduced in Senate , Jan 14-to Judiciary (S)
UPDATE: still in senate judiciary committee 3/24/08

SB 28 would create a new section of KRS Chapter 199 to establish a putative father registry to be called the Fatherhood Information System of Kentucky within Cabinet for Health and Family Services; require the cabinet to consider contracting to operate the registry; require the cabinet to provide public information on the registry including how to revoke a registration; prohibit a fee for registering; permit a putative father to register before or after the birth of a child; require the cabinet to date and file a submitted form; require the cabinet to attempt to notify a registered putative father if a search identifies him; permit persons with legitimate interest to request a search; permit the cabinet to charge a fee for conducting a search of the registry; require an affidavit of a search to be submitted with the petition for adoption; permit the cabinet to contact a putative father in circumstances other than an adoption if it is in the best interest of the child and the putative father has given consent to be contacted under other circumstances; require the cabinet to respond to a request for a search within 10 days and verify the attempt to notify a putative father if he was identified; require the cabinet to establish the registry by administrative regulation; amend KRS 199.490 to require a termination of parental rights petition to include an affidavit of the registry search; amend KRS 213.036 to require local registrars to provide forms and information on the registry; amend KRS 213.046 to require a hospital to provide forms and information on the registry; amend KRS 625.050 to require a petition for termination of parental rights to include an affidavit of a registry search.Jan 8-introduced in Senate; to Judiciary (S)
UPDATE: still in senate judiciary committee 3/24/08