More Family Law Legislation Introduced This Week

HB 353 would amend KRS 403.750 to provide that the court, in a domestic violence order, may prohibit a respondent from possessing firearm while the order is in effect; provide for confiscation of firearms in possession of the defendant and for confiscated firearms to be turned over to the office of the sheriff for custody; provide for return of firearms or alternate disposition of firearms upon expiration or vacation of the domestic violence order.Jan 23-introduced in House , Jan 24-to Judiciary (H)
UPDATE: still in house judiciary committee 3/24/08

SB 108 would amend KRS 403.720 to include dating partners among the class of persons allowed to obtain domestic violence protective orders; amend KRS 403.725 to permit college students and military personnel to apply for emergency protective orders and domestic violence orders; amend KRS 431.005 to conform. Jan 24-introduced in Senate
UPDATE: Still in senate judiciary committee 3/24/08