Published Family Law from Ky Supreme Court Today

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, el al v. Ivy, extent of child support and arrearages to be paid by non-custodial parent receiving only SSI benefits.

Keifer v. Keifer, oral findings are insufficient to support order modifying parenting time, written findings of fact are required.

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For those who have been advocating the absence of discounts in divorce cases using the rationale of Brooks v. Brooks Furniture Mfgrs., Inc, 325 S.W. 3d 904 (Ky. App. 2010), take a look at Shawnee Telecom v. Brown, where the Ky Supreme Court today addresses the method to value dissenting shareholder's stock.

Finally, another non-family law case, University Medical Center, Inc. v. Beglin, et al, adresses the evidentiary issues of spoiliation and adverse inference.