Published Opinion from Ky Court of Appeals Today: Order requiring mother to have a passport issued for child affirmed

Benton v. Sottingeanu

An order requiring a parent to obtain a passpot for a child does not require specific findings of fact where no modification of parenting time is made. The court must consider the child's best interests. Federal law permits a court to order a passport where a joint custodian refuses consent. Court's order requiring mother to insure issuance of passport was affirmed.

The court of appeals noted numerous safeguards were imposed by the trial court  to monitor international travel, including that mother would retain the passport, a hearing regarding travel would be held once a prliminary interary was proposed, father would have to post a $250,000 cash bond if travel is permited by court order, mother would have conatct with the child while away, and after the child is returned the passport will be delivered back to mother.