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At Goldberg Simpson, we are here to assist you with all Kentucky and Indiana family law and divorce matters—before, during and after litigation. Rest assured you can trust an experienced member of our legal team to provide you with knowledgeable guidance, help and advice. You can count on us to remain committed to your interests in approaching your legal needs with competence and creativity.

Family Law

Legal Practice Areas

Our legal education and experience is focused on providing you with sound and competent legal counsel in the areas of divorce and family law including the following:


We help guide you through your divorce process to find the best possible solutions.


Pre-divorce Planning

What would happen to my children? How would my interest in my business be divided?

High Asset Concerns

High asset divorces can be complex and often need to be addressed holistically.

Child Custody and Parenting Time

At the heart of all relationships between parents and children is the legal concept of custody. We are here to help.

Complex Issues

They are your home, your pets, your family heirlooms. We work to ensure our client’s needs are met.

Appeals and Post-Decree Matters

Kentucky law values finality. At Goldberg Simpson, we work hard for our clients to meet their goals.

Competent Care

Why Clients Choose Us

We know your family is the most important part of your life, and you want only qualified advocates to assist you during times of difficulty. These personal matters can be emotionally trying for all parties involved, and we are here to help guide and counsel you through the legal process to find the best possible solution for you and your family.

Family Law


Family Law is complex. Let us help you by letting us know how to get in touch!

Please note our family law lawyers charge a pro rata rate for consultations. We will walk you through attorney rates and answer any questions you may have when we connect.

Kentucky Family Law

At Goldberg Simpson, we tailor each case toward individual needs and approach client concerns with compassion, integrity and professionalism.


Whether it’s time to begin a dialogue, work through the process of divorce or find an alternative resolution to a family disagreement, we’re here to represent your needs with competent and creative legal advice and counsel. Our team strives to help our clients settle their cases as quickly and amicably as possible, with reasonable solutions geared toward avoiding trial.


When resolution cannot be reached, and you’re looking for a staunch advocate on your behalf, we’ll work to protect what’s important to you with our most thorough and committed legal representation.


For many, many years, we’ve helped guide numerous families through times of transition and change. So when it’s time to talk and you need the support of an experienced and dedicated team for your divorce and family law matters, count on Goldberg Simpson.


Words From Clients

  • Diana Skaggs + Parners is simply the best family law practice in Louisville. If you are going through a divorce or have post-divorce needs it is critical that you have a great attorney. Diana Skaggs + Partners provide the exceptional service you will need. Divorce can be very expensive and you need representation that will understand your concerns and provide the service and dedication you need. Diana and her partners were incredibly efficient and responsive. I never felt like I was working with an attorney who was trying to bill a lot of hours. In fact I was impressed by how much could be accomplished in a short amount of time. …(continued)

    Former Client
  • …(continued) Everyone in the practice is incredibly responsive and trustworthy. I always felt that my concerns were just as important to the practice as they were to me. If I ever had a question or concern I always got a response within 24 hours, more often within a couple hours. This is often not the case with other attorneys. Diana Skaggs + Partners are very established in Louisville and familiar with judges, mediators and other attorneys. This experience is so valuable to have in your corner. I’ve recommended others to Diana Skaggs + Partners and they will all say the same. It’s a horrible thing to need a divorce attorney but if you get Diana Skaggs + Partners on your team you will be in great hands.

    Former Client
  • Having practiced divorce law for some 32 years I found myself needing my own divorce lawyer. I chose Diana Skaggs because I knew the type of person and lawyer she was. I watched her in court and I saw the knowledge she had and the professional way she handled herself. She got the eye and the respect of the Judges she practiced before. Best decision I ever made.

    Former Client
  • Courteous, helpful staff during difficult times

    Former Client
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