Gaskill v. Robbins Ky Supreme Court Oral Arguments Set June 11, 2008

Having access to case status throughout the pipeline is enabling lawyers to be better advocates. How? Well, if you represent a physician, do you think you want to try that case before Gaskill v. Robbins is decided? And, if you must mediate or try your case before then, perhaps the oral arguments may help you get a feel for where the law is headed.

On June 8, 2008 at 10am the Kentucky Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Gaskill v. Robbins. We have posted about this case involving business valuations many times. The issue is whether the capitalization of excess earnings method of professional practice valuation measures personal goodwill rather than enterprise goodwill. You can watch the oral arguments live at the link here. We'll post the briefs as soon as we learn they are available.