Last Week's Family Law News

The Family Law Prof Blog posts on the discovery of artificial sperm created from mice stem cells and links to a Scotland article about it. Now kids can theoretically have 7 biologically related human parents and one mouse ancestor. Or, maybe the mouse would substitute for one or more of the human biological parents.
The Online Guide to Mediation published "New Study Shows Mice Have Capacity For Empathy," so maybe the animal chain can add some value?
The Florida Divorce Law Blog has an interesting post on how a Canadian court treated lottery winnings for child support purposes.

The logic seems sound. href="">Family Law Prof Blog has a story "Does Teen Have The Right To Refuse Chemotherapy?"
Lee's Divorce and Family Law Blog (Alabama) posted twice on relocation. The first posts on a case where the trial court was reversed in permitting a relocation. The second reports on another new case that applied the best interest standard where the parents shared joint custody.
The San Francisco Law Blog has a nice article on prevention strategies to minimize divorce complications where a couple owns a small business.
The Family Law Prof Blog links to the Annie E. Casey Foundation's 2006 KidsCount Data Book. We saw the newspaper reports of how poorly Kentucky fared in the measure of the well being of children. Now you can read the stats if you are interested and reach your own conclusions.
Also reported last week in the Family Law Prof Blog was an article on the courts of New York and Georgia upholding same sex marriage bans, and not only links to those opinions and surrounding news analysis, but also reports on similar litigation pending in other states. The Indiana Law Blog was posting about the New York case as the decision was imminent.
The Indiana Law Blog reported on a New York equitable paternity decision.
Settle It Now Negotiation Blog has some good tips for mediators in its article, "Waiting for No and Other Ineffective Bargaining Strategies.
Finally, the Kentucky Law Blog did a good job of posting a summary of the week's child support collection fiasco in Kentucky.
The week off was good, but there is still much to catch up on. Stay tuned.