The Mediation vBlog Project

Geoff Sharp (check out the clever animation) of Mediator Blah Blah has launched The Mediation vBlog Project at Mediation vBlog. The first post is a short into by Diane Levine of Online Guide To Mediation.
All lawyers are participating in mediation and many are mediators, yet I am seeing little "kick it up a notch" or "how can we get better at this" talk locally. That is what is so invigorating about these blogs. Sharp and Levine really have their hearts, minds, and energy into resolving disputes. I'll talk more in later posts about some phenomenal mediation scholarship going on, as well as sophisticated negotiation and mediation matters I am dogging Victoria Pynchon at Settle It Now Mediation Blarg and .Settle It Now Negotiation Blog about. I want to get some high-powered CLE from her and her LLM alma matre, the Straus Institute at Pepperdine Law School. It behooves all us litigators to get on the pages of these great mediators to get up to speed!
Here's the story behind the vBlog:
"Welcome to the Mediation vBlog Project!
We’re going to be the first, the very first, to track our practice and all things mediation by video blog - a kind of mediation genome project by video blog.
My idea is to take advantage of recent video sharing technology to post short video clips of mediators everywhere at work, the more live the better. The growth of video social networking is amazing with 60,000 new videos uploaded every day and over 100 million viewed every day, as more people explore this type of online medium.
So my aim is for the vBlog Project to provide a platform for mediators from all over the world to share their skills by video.
All of us have at least one digital camera, phone camera, PDA Blackberry or Treo don’t we? - and guess what - they all take short video clips that can easily be emailed.
I have always been a little uneasy about the way we mediators work behind closed doors, without much sunlight in the room …so time to change that.
Try taking a clip of:
your opening!
a participant’s reaction after the mediation
one of the lawyer’s reflections after the mediation
debrief to camera on what went well or what didn’t
you training or talking on an aspect of mediation
Then just email it to me in any format making it up to 5 minutes long, at … and it will be posted here at this blog in no time. It needs to be fresh and ‘live’ (no more than a week old), 2 - 5 minutes in length, and can be of any quality. Some clips taken on camera phones/PDA’s may be low res, but that’s fine. The main thing is to post. Also have as many ummms and ahhhhs in it as you want - we will get what you mean. Any one working in the LA market may have to set a standard but the rest of us can stumble through.
This is going to be your chance to share your craft with your peers. Check back for details and the first clips from trail blazing mediators… "