Super Lawyers Coming To Kentucky

Marcia Oddi has the latest story about Super Lawyers at Indiana Law Blog, linking to numerous past articles she has published on the topic, Super Lawyers/Best Lawyers Buoyed by N.Y. Advertising Rule. This blog has a prior post here, too.

Guess what's next? Super Lawyers is entering the Kentucky market and it will be interesting to see whether our advertising commission changes its interpretation that such boasts are prohibited comparisons to other lawyers. We can't even tout a Martindale-Hubbell rating without submitting the objective proof that forms the basis of the rating. If anyone knows how to obtain that, holler!

Ben Cowgill's Legal Ethics Newsletter has a related post and links to the Kentucky Bar Association's frequently answered questions page.

Super Lawyers sued to change the prohibition in New Jersey. Would they come to the rescue of a Kentucky lawyer who advertised inclusion?