Vienna Divorce Fair Touts DNA Tests, Lawyers for Fed-Up Spouses

ABA Journal, Law News Now reports, Divorce Fair Offers Legal Services and More, linking to an online Bloomberg article today. Some quotes from Bloomberg:

At the two-day event in Vienna, fed-up spouses can contract private detectives to spy on philandering mates, hire real estate agents to find a new homes and book vacation packages designed for the newly separated. They can even hire a DNA sampling lab to see if it will really be necessary to pay child support.

``New Beginnings'' is the world's first divorce fair, according to Anton Barz, 37, a wedding organizer who came up with the idea after realizing that half of all unions were doomed.

``Austria's divorce statistics are shocking,'' Barz said in a café near Sigmund Freud's former home in the Austrian capital. ``People get a wedding certificate more easily than a driver's license and have no idea of the consequences when they crash.''

Around 500 people are expected to attend the fair at the Vienna Marriott Hotel, where 20 vendors -- including a local law firm hunting for new clients -- will ply them with advice about how to settle their partnership problems.

Thanks to Marci Oddi of Indiana Law Blog for her eagle eyes.