Wedding Planner Mediation

We don't make this stuff up! From the Online Guide to Mediation Blog:"The marrying kind: wedding planning mediators help couples steer clear of conflict"

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Later this year you will be hearing much about the AAML's newest project, "Focus on Forever", aimed at helping couples work through difficult life questions before marrying, in an effort to prevent divorces. I don't think pre-marital mediation will part of the program.

More from the Online Guide to Mediation Blog: "Anyone who has ever gotten married (or reads Dear Abby) knows only too well how many family feuds are sparked by wedding plans (which is probably why my husband and I eloped to Las Vegas). Battles can and do ensue over guest lists, menus, ceremonies, religious traditions, and who's paying for what.

Stepping in to pour oil on troubled waters are wedding planning mediators who help couples and family members resolve thorny issues to prevent nuptial arguments from leading to divorce court.

(Thanks to my friend Bill Warters for kindly alerting me to this story.)"