Published Family Law Opinion from Ky Court of Appeals May 23, 2014

Smith v. Smith, Nonmarital property might still be subject to division between parties where there is a partnership, joint venture, or profit sharing agreement. In this case, the parties cohabitated prior to marriage. While the property acquired during cohabitation was nonmarital, the nonmarital property was still a jointly owned asset by agreement of the parties subsequent to a joint venture. Thus, the property lost its nonmarital characterization. The court also concluded the appellant did not properly trace the additional properties she was claiming were nonmarital, therefore there was no clear error in the finding that they were marital property. In addition, the court found no clear errors in the Trial Court’s child support, property division, and debt assignment decisions.

On a procedural note, this case points out that certification of the record must include video recordings. The court cannot look to video recordings for evidence if they are not part of the record on appeal.

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